House Cleaning

Your home should be a relaxing and comfortable place. It’s your personal space. That is why you need to keep it clean as regularly as possible. After spending a tiresome day at work, it would be great if you go home to a well-kept, clean home. We understand that you might be busy with various life commitments, so we lend you our hand. Delmarva offers professional house cleaning services.
Our cleaning program includes the following:


In the bedrooms, we dust everything; the walls, baseboards, cabinets, window sills and furniture. We also clean the mirrors, picture frames and other items therein. We also do a thorough vacuuming. If you wish so, you can request to have your linens changed.

Living Room

Make your living room as comfortable and relaxing as it could be by availing our services. We can clean your furniture, cushions, floors and other parts of your living room, including the belongings found therein. We take care of all your cleaning and dusting needs.

Dining Room

Your dining room should be well cleaned and sanitized. This is to ensure that you are eating in a safe and healthy environment with your family. We dust the light fixture and clean the table, furniture, chairs and others. We polish everything by vacuuming.


This should be the cleanest part of your home. This is where you prepare and cook food. So it is obvious to say that it must be kept clean and hygienic. We give your kitchen a special treatment by wiping the coffee maker, toaster, microwave and other appliances. We also clea the drip pans, stovetop, countertop, sinks, cabinets, chairs, tables and more. We don’t just clean the surface, but underneath and the corners. We mop and vacuum as well.


We don’t exaggerate when we say that we can make your bathroom sparkle. We clean the tiles, shower doors, toilets, floors, faucets, tubs, mirrors and others. We even get rid of the dust and cobwebs. We don’t just clean, we sanitize as well.

Whether you need kitchen cleaning, room cleaning, mattress vacuuming or oven cleaning, it is best to avail the services of a reliable professional company like Delmarva. We provide efficient house cleaning services. Our professional crew is well-trained at cleaning inside cabinets, washing the floor, and doing all things necessary in keeping a clean and healthy home. Contact us for your cleaning schedule.

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